Vision, Mission, Objectives & Values


A society whose center-stage is justice, peace, fulfillment of human rights and development in all ramifications.


Campaign2015+, in partnership with other civil society, the poor and the marginalized, the donors, the development partners, and international community, aims at pressuring governments and other stakeholders to look beyond 2015 and give the lives of people a meaning through upholding justice, human rights and development. Our campaign theme focuses on:

  • Fulfillment of all economic, social and human rights
  • Aid and financing for development effectiveness
  • Global and national security
  • Development issues
  • Public accountability
  • Debt cancellation
  • Just governance
  • Gender equality
  • Trade justice

Campaign2015+ collaborates with other like-minded CSOs around the world to promote public debates and discussions on economic and social issues including human rights. A priority in the agenda of Campaign2015+, among other actions, is campaigning for pro-poor global and national policies that can accelerate broad-based economic growth, poverty reduction and public accountability, as well as the call for immediate action to reduce the debt burden of poor countries and institute fair trade policies and practices, and ODA development effectiveness among the OECD and other developed countries around the globe.


  • To serve as an engagement platform at the national, regional and international levels ensuring that governments achieve and exceed the MDGs by 2015 and account to the people.
  • To build an alliance with and facilitate the participation of other CSOs both in Africa and other regions so as to ensure that citizens lead the process of determining the post 2015 development agenda.
  • To work with vulnerable groups including the marginalized, the less privileged women, children and youth so as to bring to the front burner of discourse their development prioritization.


“Democratic Governance, Transparency and Accountability, Solidarity with the Poor, Inclusiveness and Partnership”

  • Democratic Governance – Campaign2015+believes in the principles and practices of democratic governance which necessarily promotes dividends for the people.
  • Transparency and Accountability – Campaign2015+ promotes transparency and accountability in its operations and therefore challenges government to be transparent and accountable to the people in all their dealings especially in response to poverty eradication and injustice.
  • Solidarity with the Poor – Campaign2015+ has passion forthe poorest of the poor and the marginalized, identifies with them, and campaigns with them challenging governments to give their lives a meaning.
  • Inclusiveness – Campaign2015+ believes that the society is comprised of various groups and stakeholders. There is the need to involve all groups in its operations including the poor, the maginalised, persons with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, women, youths, children, minority groups and other vulnerable groups.
  • Partnership – Campaign2015+ considers all the stakeholders including the poor, the maginalised, the minority, and development agencies as co-partners who have an important but collective role to play on the attainment of the MDGs and post MDGs agenda, and upholding of human rights, justice and peace.